Crisis & Media Training Evolved

Program Topics

From TV to Twitter: Social and Mainstream Media Strategies
Created for large groups, get up-to-speed on the latest social media trends and learn how progressive organizations are using multiple channels to tell their stories. Then, roll up your sleeves and get to work in small groups to develop integrated media strategies based on real-life scenarios. Then, create communications materials, including videos, Facebook posts and tweets.

Next Gen Media Training
Conducted 1:1 or for small groups, this program prepares executives and other spokespersons for the harsh realities of working with today’s social and mainstream media. Techniques taught include how to win over skeptical journalists (including bloggers), managing ambush interviews, conducting phone and video interviews, and dealing with sensitive topics, including criticism and attacks.

BREAKING NEWS! Media Interviewing 101
With extensive on-camera practice and mock-interviews, this program covers for large groups the fundamentals of web, print, podcast and television interviewing. Topics include how to develop appropriate messages for social and mainstream media, controlling interviews and news conferences, dealing with difficult questions, making sure your message gets through, dressing for TV, conducting Skype interviews and much more.

The Savvy Spokesperson: Building and Protecting Your Image
Cell phone video cameras, YouTube, Skype, mobile video and other communications tools and channels can instantly make anyone a reporter – regardless of training, ethics or motive. From business presentations and special events covertly recorded to video conferences and media interviews, spokespeople need more skills than ever before to project the right image and communicate effectively. Learn the latest in multimedia communications techniques and trends. Then, hone your spokesperson skills through videotaped exercises.

PowerSpeak: Present Like a Rock Star
Today’s multi-tasking audiences demand speakers perform as well as entertainers. Learn how to engage your audience and speak confidently in this seminar that teaches presentation substance and style. The program covers organizing and developing various types of speeches, voice, delivery, gestures, movement, timing and the proper use of multimedia. Participants develop and practice presentations that are videotaped and critiqued.

Media and Presentation Skills Express Boot Camp
This focused, intensive one-day coaching program covers the critical fundamentals of both media interviewing and live presentations, including developing winning messages, interview and presentation techniques, and strategies for counterattacking hostile reporters and audiences. Participants learn by doing, as workshop leaders take them through a variety of exercises, including video-taped interviews and presentations.

The Ultimate Love/Hate Relationship: Working with the Media
If your organization doesn’t get the media attention it deserves or is being covered negatively, this workshop is for you. Discover how to generate positive coverage and how to manage potentially negative situations. Learn when and how to hold news conferences, media events, editorial tours and briefings, and how to integrate social media into your strategy.